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24th February 2020


No further guidance has been issued to schools in relation to the COVID-19 situation.  As such, our policy remains unchanged and we remain open as usual.  Steve Smith, Head of School 27 February 2020 Guildford County School is open as usual. The Government has issued bespoke advice to schools on how to respond to the current concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus, as well as continually updating its public health advice. The school is following this advice. The latest advice (issued on 25th February) is that individuals travelling from certain heavily affected areas (Hubei province, Iran, and specific quarantine areas of Italy and South Korea) should avoid contact with other people, even if they do not have symptoms. We are not aware of any staff or pupils that have travelled from these areas. The Government advises that individuals travelling from other affected areas should self-isolate if they develop symptoms. They can otherwise continue to attend school and work as usual. The school encourages any individuals travelling from COVID-19 affected areas (as listed on the website) who subsequently become unwell to remain at home and contact NHS 111 for further advice. Guildford County School has issued reminders of general hygiene advice to staff and students, which appear to be the best prevention against COVID-19 and other common respiratory infections. The school will, of course, adapt its approach should Government advice change.Read Full Article
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