Why we have a uniform

Students at County wear their uniform correctly, smartly and with pride, knowing that in this small act they demonstrate humility to their peers, recognising that they are all an equal part of the school, and that others’ health, happiness, and success is as important as their own.

What our uniform represents

Our uniform is formal and traditional, reflecting the value we place on providing a calm, stable and ordered environment in which children learn best.

The green in our school tie represents our place in the Surrey Hills, an environment of which we are proud.

Celebration and sanction around our uniform

Students tell us that they feel frustrated when their peers do not live up to our exacting standards around uniform and, for this reason, all adults in the school will remind students when these expectations are not met.

We make a point of celebrating students when they wear their uniform correctly, smartly and with pride. Where a student tries to accentuate their individual difference in their wearing of it, we will ask them to make corrections.  In the rare instances where students do not, sanctions may be issued, ranging from confiscations of non-uniform wear to detentions.

Like mobile phones, incorrect items of uniform will be confiscated, and parents will be asked to collect them at a mutually convenient time.  We accept no responsibility for the loss or damage of any items of value brought onto the school site.

If you have concerns about the cost of any new uniform, please contact your child’s tutor.

Lost Property

To help us return lost items, please mark all of your child’s uniform with their name.


All items of uniform, except the school badge, may be purchased from the following suppliers:

Stevensons, 210 London Road, Burpham, Guildford, GU4 7JS.  

Telephone (01483) 577835






Our uniform (items with a * are only available through Stevensons)

NOTE: All uniform should be of an appropriate size and fit.


PE Uniform

PE Uniform (items with a * are only available through Stevensons)

NOTE: Watches and earrings must be removed for PE lessons

PE Uniform

Other Uniform Requirements

Other Uniform

Other Equipment

Equipment List - please, within reason, label everything: 

  • A labelled, large backpack to carry books and other equipment safely.  A water bottle compartment is advised.  Bags with some waterproofing are best, especially if your child has a long walk from home to school. 

  • A labelled water bottle. 

  • A see-through pencil case, with no marking or decorations, that will fit a 30cm ruler. 

  • A 30cm ruler, with no hinges or folds, with markings in centimetres and millimetres. 

  • A (labelled) scientific calculator (the only one we recommend is the Casio fx-85). 

  • A protractor and pair of compasses. 

  • Some black and red biros. 

  • Lead pencils and a rubber. 

  • A 2B sketching pencil. 

  • A pencil sharpener. 

  • A small set of coloured pencils, pens, and a highlighter. 

  • A glue stick. 

  • Child-friendly scissors. 

  • A reading book. 

  • The school planner. 

  • A locker key on a sensible key ring. Retractable, carabiner key rings that can be fixed to the inside of blazers are best 

  • Labelled PE kit in a small holdall that can be left in a locker. 

  • Any other equipment needed for things like one-to-one music lessons. Instrument cases should be labelled inside and out. 

And... label everything!