Committee Membership and Meetings

The Local Governing Body meets regularly throughout the year.  The Local Governing Body has agreed that certain duties may be delegated to committees.  The terms of reference for these committees are reviewed and approved annually by the Local Governing Body.  

The Sub Committees include Admissions, Appraisals & Pay, Appeals & Complaints, and Headteacher Performance Management.

Committee Membership is as follows:


Appeals & Complaints

Jennifer Obaditch (Chair of Appeals & Complaints)

Simon Bettles

Adrian Woodman


Jennifer Obaditch (Chair of Admissions)

Mark Grimmett

James Relph

Steve Smith (Headteacher)

Headteacher Performance Management

Jack Mayhew (Athena-GEP CEO)

Andy Milner

Jennifer Obaditch (LGB Chair)

Officer Roles

Health & Safety Officer - Alison Curtis

GDPR Officer - Alison Curtis

Safeguarding Officer - Cassia Howells

SEN Officer - James Callanan


Local Governing Body Meetings

LGB - 27/9/21, 18/10/21, 13/12/21, 7/2/22, 28/3/22, 23/5/22, 4/7/22

Governor Visits - 20/9/21, 5/10/21, 1/12/21, 27/1/22, 18/3/22, 14/7/22


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