Rewards and sanctions work together to ensure positive student conduct. Rewards being the more powerful of these two forces.  Our approach to rewards works as follows. 

Please commend students' work as often as you can.  The routine way of doing this (apart, of course, from speaking frequently to students about how well they are doing) is to use a green (Lower School) and blue (Upper School) self-adhesive House Point Sticker (these are available from the School Office). 

Tutors are responsible for keeping an up-to-date record of house points received by members of their Group.  Record sheets for this purpose are printed centrally and distributed by Heads of House.  The Senior Team collect these record sheets towards the end of each term in order to determine the winner of the House Work Cup.  Please congratulate people who do well, or who are clearly making progress, and so on.   

End-of-term Commendations are awarded for good work, progress, effort, service and attendance.  Watch the deadline for nominating students (Calendar and Bulletin).  Mr. Steve Smith presents certificates in formal termly House Assemblies.  Students’ take these commendations seriously (and quite rightly so). Mr Smith also holds a Friday Praise Session each week for nominated students in recognition of success.