Mission Statement

“As a Music college we will raise standards of achievement and the quality of teaching and learning in music for all students.  We will also encourage our students to develop a lifelong passion for, and appreciation of music not only as performers and composers, but also as audiences, technicians and critics. We will be inclusive by promoting enjoyment of many different musical forms and encouraging all students to participate in a wide variety of music making. Our expectations are always high.”

We believe that specialist status has helped us to embed a positive and holistic ethos for teaching and learning. We wanted to embrace creativity as a dynamic process as this formed the basis with which we have modelled our framework for learning across the school. We defined “creativity” based upon a successful model of teaching and learning in music lessons:  Structure, modelling, teamwork, performance & demonstration, higher thinking skills, analysis, independent learning, self discipline, evaluation and celebration.

We have sought to engage students and engender a sense of self awareness in their learning and further enhance their transference of skills and enjoyment through a series of activities based upon themes, involving whole year groups, whole school and our feeder Primary schools.

High levels of participation have encouraged a strong sense of community, pride and team work.  All students perform annually in our House Music competition and many more habitually perform for their peers and wider audiences - both inside and outside of school on local and national platforms.  We regularly put on over 18 different concerts and events each year. This gives students the confidence and self esteem to perform in the widest sense of the word and ensures that both students and staff are respectful of others both in performance and in different contexts.

We have three Instrumental schemes designed and aimed at allowing all students the opportunity to try out the following:

Brass  Zone – Trumpet. French Horn, Trombone & Tuba

Reediscovery – Double Reeds – Oboes & Bassoons

Stringendo – Violins.

Further details are available on our dedicated “Instrumental Initiatives “page.

Caroline Gale


Director Of Music; Head of Creative Arts


24th February 2020


No further guidance has been issued to schools in relation to the COVID-19 situation.  As such, our policy remains unchanged and we remain open as usual.  Steve Smith, Head of School 27 February 2020 Guildford County School is open as usual. The Government has issued bespoke advice to schools on how to respond to the current concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus, as well as continually updating its public health advice. The school is following this advice. The latest advice (issued on 25th February) is that individuals travelling from certain heavily affected areas (Hubei province, Iran, and specific quarantine areas of Italy and South Korea) should avoid contact with other people, even if they do not have symptoms. We are not aware of any staff or pupils that have travelled from these areas. The Government advises that individuals travelling from other affected areas should self-isolate if they develop symptoms. They can otherwise continue to attend school and work as usual. The school encourages any individuals travelling from COVID-19 affected areas (as listed on the gov.uk website) who subsequently become unwell to remain at home and contact NHS 111 for further advice. Guildford County School has issued reminders of general hygiene advice to staff and students, which appear to be the best prevention against COVID-19 and other common respiratory infections. The school will, of course, adapt its approach should Government advice change.Read Full Article
22nd August 2019

GCSE Results 2019

Thursday 22 August 2019 Guildford County School is celebrating another set of excellent GCSE results today, with 61% of all students gaining a Grade 5 or more including English and Maths and 82% of all students achieving a Grade 4 or more including English and Maths. With 33% of all grades awarded at 9-7, it is difficult to single out individual students. Deserving of a special mention is James Giles, for holding a clean sweep of Grade 9’s in all his subjects as well as an A*^ in Further Maths. We are also tremendously proud of Sadie Edmeads, Stephanie Hughes, Grace Jolliffe, Tuesday Lovegrove, Dylan Smith and Archie Prime who topped the value added charts, achieving well above their individual target grades – a fantastic achievement. Guildford County School is also delighted with many outstanding individual results from students – Emily Wolfenden (10 Grade 9s, 1 Grade 8 and an A*^ in Further Maths), Rachel Doran (10 Grade 9s and an A*^ in Further Maths), Chloe Muir (9 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s and an A in Further Maths) and Charlie Payne (7 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s and an A* in Further Maths). The school also recognises the performance of the following students who achieved 5 or more Grade 9s – Joshua Brennan, Jack Faulkner, Anna Mitchell. Guildford County School Head of School Steve Smith welcomed the exam successes of County’s students: "we are absolutely delighted with the results that once again remind us how talented are the children that we serve here at County.  Early indications suggest that rates of student progress are well above national averages and we are very pleased that so many have elected to stay on and study with us at A level for the next two years.  Staff, parents and the students themselves have worked tirelessly over the last 5 years and the results achieved are a fitting recognition of these endeavours.  Most pleasing for me is that it is possible, every year, to achieve such excellent results, whilst still enjoying a rich school experience, an experience that places high value on study alongside co-curricular activity”. Jack Mayhew, Executive Headteacher commented positively on the results. “Many congratulations to the students on their fine achievements and to the staff who have worked tirelessly to help them achieve such successes. The reputation of the school builds still further as one of academic excellence in a caring community”. The Farnham Road school, which has recently expanded its main school and has undergone significant investment in its buildings and premises, with a new Sports Hall complex currently under construction.  The school attracts an increasing number of students to its academic, vibrant and successful GCSE and A level courses. For further information, please contact Antonella Bosco-Reid on 01483 504 089 or e-mail abosco-reid@guildfordcounty.co.ukRead Full Article
15th August 2019

A Level Results 2019

Thursday 15th August 2019 Guildford County School is celebrating another set of excellent A-level results today, with over 57% of students achieving an A*-B, and an impressive 30% gaining an A*-A.  Overall, the students enjoyed a pass rate of over 99%. 80% of all grades were A*-C grades. Individual successes were many, in a range of subjects. This year nineteen students hold three or more As or better. This is nearly a fifth of the cohort. Guildford County School is particularly proud of several outstanding individual results from students – Bo Beynon (A* A* A* A*), Lucy Neal (A* A* A*), Matthew Doran (A* A* A* A*), James Wolfenden (A* A* A* A), Katie Winchcombe (A* A* A), Harry Digby (A* A* A*) and Sam Dauncey (A* A* A and a Distinction in Advanced Extension Award for Maths).  Helen Nurton, Director of Sixth Form said “I am delighted with this year’s exam results and these are the students that led the school to raise over £10,000 for charity earlier in the year. They have been a fabulous year group. We will miss them and we wish them every success in the future.”  We are delighted that all students who have applied to University have secured places at prestigious universities across the country and 44% achieving places to Russell Group Universities including Durham, Exeter and Manchester.  Two County students holding Oxbridge offers have achieved their places. Bo Beynon has secured a place at Jesus College, Cambridge to read Natural Sciences. Matthew Doran has secured a place at Brasenose College, Oxford to read Geography.  Guildford County Head of School Steve Smith welcomed the exam successes of County’s A-level students: “I am delighted that we have once again seen results that will allow our students to successfully transition into the next stage of their lives.  100% of Oxbridge applicants achieved the grades that they need to take up their places and huge numbers got the top A* grade at A level.  I thank our staff for their dedication, our students for their hard work and their parents and carers for their tireless support.” The Farnham Road School, operates a mixed sixth form where the vast majority of students stay into the sixth form and attracts an increasing number of external students to its academic, vibrant and successful A’ level courses. Executive Headteacher Jack Mayhew is proud of Guildford County School’s reputation and is delighted to see so many students progressing to some of the best institutions in the country. “Our students deserve credit for their hard work and I wish them every success in their further studies and chosen career paths.”  Read Full Article
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