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To revise for your GCSE Religious Studies GCSE, there are plenty of resources to use and ways to revise. We recommend some of the following: 



Revision Guide for AQA GSE Religious Studies A 

AQA website 

Seneca for AQA GCSE Religious Studies 


BBC Bitesize + name of the topic

Teams – for all of your lesson ppts 

Kerboodle (school username and password + institution code: rtd5) 



Use the revision booklets and past papers on offer to revise content and practice questions 

Retrieve-Build-Apply – look back at something you might need a recap or recall on, add to it with content you have yet to revise and then apply it to an exam question 

Teachers – we are a resource, so talk to us! 

Exercise books – notes and quotes 

Use the resources on this website