Instrumental Initiatives

As part of our on going focus and commitment to providing as many opportunities as possible for students to learn instruments, we have three instrumental schemes in place. These initially arose in response to the national shortage of double reeds and trombone players, but has subsequently grown and developed according to the changing musical climate and landscape.

 For each project we offer a launch assembly led by our specialist instrumental teachers which include performances from our ensembles as well as explanations as to how the instruments work and the potential that each offers for solo and ensemble work across the musical genres.

 There then follows an opportunity to try out instruments and a further 5 free lessons are given with the loan of an instrument.

Our projects are as follows:


Trombone Zone

Trumpet; French Horn and Tuba

Co Curricular Ensembles:

Trombone Choir;  Senior and Junior Trombone Quartets.  Lower Brass Ensemble

iBrass – for beginner to grade 3/ 4

Interbrass – for grade 4 – 5

Senior Brass – Grade 5 plus

Access to Lower School Orchestra and Chamber orchestra

Big Band and Funk Band

Double Reeds:      

Oboes and Bassoons

Co Curricular Ensembles:

Junior Double Reed Ensemble

Senior Double Reed Ensemble

Bassoon Ensemble

Access to Lower School Orchestra and Chamber orchestra

An Annual Reediscovery concert


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