COVID-19 Updates

School is now open remotely for all children and there is also onsite provision for vulnerable children and the children of key workers.  If your son or daughter is unable to work due to any illness, please report this to us through EduLink.  Any other enquiries to the email address or to the email address of the relevant member of staff – thank you.


If your child is working with us in school and has any of the following symptoms:

A new or continuous cough;

A high temperature;

A change to or loss of their sense of taste and smell.


Please do not send them into school and seek a COVID-19 test.  Do not send them to school when awaiting the results of this test.  If they test positive, please keep them at home until the 11th day since symptoms began or, if there were no symptoms, until the 11th day from the test itself.  Please excuse our direct request here, but we must all toe the line on this one.


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