Broader Curriculum and PSHE

The tutor programme runs during afternoon registration and supports students in their personal, social, health education (PSHE). A variety of topics are covered ranging from Healthy Eating, Body Image, Drugs awareness, Sex Education and Bullying.

Where we can, outside speakers and drama productions are used to support students across these topics, ensuring that the important messages are put across in a necessary way. Students also focus on Citizenship during tutorial sessions and outside speakers are also used to enhance their understanding.

Every week students take part in the ‘weekly quiz’ exploring and discussing appropriate current topics in the news.

PSHE and Citizenship are delivered within the wider curriculum, through Tutor Time and also through collapsed timetable days during the course of the school year.  Content by Year Group and curriculum area is shown in the table below as a guide.

Central Themes

Year Group

Health and Wellbeing – Term 1

– Term 2

Living in Wider World – Term 3

Year 7

My Identity and Skills – managing mental and emotional health.

Healthy Lifestyle – physical activity and sleep patterns.

Healthy Eating – balanced diet.

Risk-Taking – making ‘good’ decisions

Changing Relationships – how to manage values and choices, peer pressure surrounding banned substances. ICT Safety.

Working with others – positive relationships with others.

Different Types of Relationships – family, romantic etc.

The portrayal of Relationships in the Media – fact or fiction.

Being the best I can be - personal targets and goals, me and my aspirations.

Participation in society.

Diversity and Difference.

Year 8

My Identity and Skills – confidence and self-esteem.

Personal Protection – healthy lifestyle choices including STIs.

Drugs Education – legality, addiction, peer pressure.

Different Types of Relationships – family responsibilities, dealing with separation and loss.

Sex, Sexuality & Sexual Orientation – differences between sex, gender identity, sexual orientation.

Consent – legality, FGM, pressure/coercion.

GCSE Options – Fast Tomato

Money and Me – financial decisions

Me, Money and Choices – moral dilemmas surrounding the use of money.

Year 9

My Identity and Skills – the impact of media on identity issues.

Drugs Educations – prescription drugs, drug use from ‘experimental’ use to ‘dependence’ and ‘addiction.’

Accessing help from local health services.

Relationships – love vs sex

Pressure, Persuasion, and coercion – how to protect yourself regarding sexual activity.

Contraception, Communication, Unintended pregnancy – choice and risks.

The Law, Me & Work – youth employments Laws

Employment, Money and Me – further education & employment options.


The Law, Me & my community – laws about offensive weapons, gangs, human rights

Year 10

My Identity and Skills – self-confidence and self-esteem, dealing with criticism.

Emotional and Mental Health – understanding different mental health conditions

Healthy Lifestyle – STIs, fertility, self-examination.

Safety in Relationships – family, consent, building positive strong relationships.

Consent, Respect & Sex – diversity in sexual attraction, sexuality, consent, different levels of sexual activity.

Trauma and Crises – domestic abuse, divorce, bereavement.

The World of Work – discrimination, rights and responsibilities.

Careers Advice – recognising strengths, interests, skills, maximising their employability.

Year 11

My Identity and Skills – body image, self-examination.

Personal Safety – protecting yourself in different situations.

Unintended pregnancy & teenage parenthood – options, consequences, myths.

Media Pressure, Sex & Peer Support – the role of sex in media, pornography, sexual ethics.

Keeping Safe at Work – managing harassment.

Me and My Future – CVs, application forms.

Me as a Consumer -  managing financial decisions.

Year 12 & 13

Year Group

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 12

Reflection and Planning for 6th form learning

Study Skills including motivation, 10,000 hours

Growth Mind-set

Mental Health Awareness

Revision Tips including procrastination.

Planning WEX

Managing Stress

Global issues

Thinking of others

Revision Strategies

Maintaining balance

Exams and impact on future.



Year 13

Reflection and Planning for Year 13.

Target Setting


Memory Skills / Study skills

Mental Health Awareness

Revision Strategies

Interview techniques

Using Examiners’ reports

Global Issues

Thinking of others

Juggling life and learning

Revision Strategies

The final hurdle – exams

Steps to Success