Co-Curricular Activities


Measuring Excellence and Discovering Achievement in Life Skills

As part of our aim to recognise, embrace and develop an holistic approach that encourages academic success, we recognise the value of a rich and diverse range of co-curricular activities to support our students’ development as young people. MEDALS acknowledges and celebrates a student’s sustained commitment and loyalty, shining a light on their excellence outside of the classroom. 

To inform and inspire students in Years 8-12, there is an Activities’ Fair on the first day of the academic year. Students are encouraged to pledge their commitment to at least one co-curricular area. There is also the Clubs Brochure published annually for students to refer to throughout the year, as well as the option of signing up to activities via Edulink 1.

Co-Curricular Brochure 2019

Every September, students receive a loyalty card to keep track of their co-curricular commitment(s). Throughout each term, tutors, Heads of House and Heads of Department monitor these loyalty cards and encourage students to update them. At the end of each term, Houses are awarded points for the number of students keeping their loyalty cards up to date. Then, every July one student in each year is nominated by the activity’s leader or Head of Department to receive a badge and certificate at the school’s annual Awards’ Evening. These are awarded to students as follows:

Bronze:           outstanding commitment from a student in Years 7-10 and 12

Silver:             outstanding commitment from a student in Year 11

Gold:               outstanding commitment from a student in Year 13

With this system in place, students are rewarded for their sustained commitment to co-curricular pursuits, as well as encouraged to try something new.


Club and Activities 2019/20