Home Learning

A well-known quote from Gill and Schlossman celebrates homework as essential to raising educational standards, fostering high academic achievement, upgrading the quality of the work force and linking family and school in a common teaching mission.  As such, here at County we offer our students the opportunity to continue their learning beyond the school day, through a range of home learning activities that will ultimately lead to these goals.  We have moved away from the term homework and started to set home learning tasks, designed to challenge, consolidate and further the learning process outside of lesson time. At County we aim to set a range of meaningful tasks that stimulate learning and break the mould of ‘just more work’.

All homework is recorded in EduLink One, as well as written by the students in their planners. We commonly expect a homework activity for Lower School students to last around 20-45 minutes, and for Upper School 45-60 minutes and for Sixth Form students to last upwards of one hour (per one hour of curriculum time).  We would expect to see two or three of these entered into the student planner each day. Lower School and Upper School students will be given a homework schedule, the link to which is below:

Home-Learning Timetable 2019