School Vision and Ethos

‘To be leaders in secondary education.  Where children thrive as resilient learners, are healthy, happy and successful and where we all believe that being Better Never Stops.’

Our Aims

As a School founded in 1905 we have deep-rooted values and traditions which have resulted in consistent academic success and a strong place within the Guildford Educational establishment for over 100 years. These successes have been built on clear aims and strong values. These aims and values are expressed in our mission statement and highlight the culture of striving for excellence and personal integrity which are the hallmark of Guildford County School.

Guildford County School Mission Statement

‘Guildford County School values and promotes excellence and recognises different kinds of success. We appreciate individual difference, foster respect, promote tolerance, encourage warm relationships and provide a place for all.Through providing opportunities for everyone to give and achieve we demonstrate our values of integrity, fairness and ethical conduct. We are creative, open to innovation and initiative; whilst remaining respectful of our traditions. We aim to affirm in everyone a sense of identity, confidence and community.’

Our school has a strong reputation for academic success, developed within a caring and family atmosphere. We are proud of our consistently high examination results and the culture of success that permeates Guildford County School. Our dedicated staff work in partnership with students, creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, which helps students achieve their full potential. We provide outstanding and varied learning experiences and the school is renowned for its friendliness and student support.

As a Specialist Music college, we have a national reputation for excellence. Music inspires our students, encourages self-esteem, and helps them to work in teams and respect their peers. We take music beyond the classroom to entertain and support the community; highlighting our drive for excellence in all aspects of school life.

Guildford County School educates the whole child and we have a wide-ranging programme of extra-curricular and enrichment activities. We are delighted that our students grow into confident and resilient young people, well equipped for the challenges and opportunities they will face when they leave us.

Our school is built on inspiring, creative learning, where all succeed. We aim to provide the best opportunities for each students and enable them to flourish, enjoy learning and achieve success.


We are a high achieving, oversubscribed and non-selective mixed state secondary school in Surrey.  Music and sport, as well as a number of other co-curricular activities, sit alongside our established, yet progressive, academic curriculum.  Students, staff and other stakeholders love their school.  An academy converter, we are proud members of the Athena Schools Trust and work tirelessly to serve our local community.



We are a school entrusted to provide our students with the best education in the country, focused on outcomes of every description.








To be leaders in secondary education.  Where children thrive as resilient learners, are healthy, happy and successful and where we all believe that being ‘Better Never Stops’.