Pupil Premium

Summary Pupil Premium (PP) Financial Statement 2018/19

(Updated January 2020)

In 2018/9, the school received £130,500 in PP funding, and is budgeting to spend an additional £54,500 of its general funds to continue the initiatives of 2017/8, which saw the addition of extended breakfast club provision, support for our 20% plan, further staff CPL focus, and to develop and improve our provision of 1:1 teaching in Maths. We look to implement an extended school for some students which will also need supporting from this budget, and the embedding of a staff PP Champions Team, whilst incurring no extra costs in itself, will generate further spend as new initiatives are identified. There will also be a renewed focus on the effectiveness of how we measure the impact of our PP spend.

The list below is extensive, though not exhaustive, providing a summary of much of our PP work: Please note a majority of these items rely on Teacher/Co-ordinator time, and as such dedicated roles are quantifiable, whereas others are less financially definable.

More detail of the intent behind our PP spend, how it is implemented, and how we measure its impact, can be found in our PP Strategy, available on our website.

a. Enhancing reading, writing and mathematics skills for PP students o Small group teaching and designated SeN teacher.

Expenditure in 2018/9: £86 500

a. Using extra-curricular provision to engage students and develop a depth of learning of Provision of Music Tuition and accessibility to all school trips

Expenditure in 2018/9: £17 595

a. Ensuring staff have a clear focus on the potential impact of disadvantage and the need to improve student outcomes: 4 matrix training, PP coordinator at SLT level, LAC coordinator, Land T CPD sessions, Dept driven initiatives.

Expenditure in 2018/9: £32 260

a. Engage PP students with school life, encouraging them to be happy, enthused and recognising their potential:

Ensuring access to all school events,TA time targeting PP, HSLW, Youth Worker, Summer school, Surrey CC support services, subsided tickets, PP mentors, school uniform, free breakfasts

Expenditure in 2018/9: £32 645

a. Addressing specific issues that impact the performance of individual students:

Purchase of revision aids, free equipment, free Easter Y11 revision courses, and other ad hoc support for individual students.

Expenditure in 2018/9: £15 598

Raising Pupil Premium Attainment: Strategy 2019-20