Financial Reporting

See link below to view Guildford County School Financial Statements as required by the Department for Education.

2016-17 Financial Statement2016-17 Approved AccountsAthena Schools Trust Annual Report and Financial Statement


Lower School (KS3) Catch-Up Provision

For those students who do not reach a level four in either English or Maths at the end of their primary education, we receive £500 per annum to provide catch up education during their early years at secondary education.  In 2015/16 we had 15 such children, giving us £7,500 that we could spend on such provision.

In order to make space for this provision within the curriculum, we withdraw the children from their French lessons (5 hours per fortnight) and instead give them additional sessions in Maths and English.  Should sufficient progress be made during the year, then students are returned to French, but if they are still falling short of expected levels of progress, then students remain on the catch-up programme throughout the Lower School, or until such time as they have made good progress. Our Year 7 Catch-Up funding typically funds the costs of running this programme throughout Year 7, and we supplement this with other funding to allow us to continue the programme into Years 8 and 9 as required.