Leading Learning during Coronavirus

Blended Learning.

There are four possible scenarios that we are planning for –

  1. A small number of absent students (self-isolating)
  2. A small number of absent staff (self-isolating)
  3. A group of students or staff being sent home (following contact with someone who has tested positive)
  4. A whole school closure

We are referring to scenarios 1, 2 and 3 as Blended Learning (where we have students at school, as well as at home).  In order to ensure Blended Learning is as effective as possible, students who are self-isolating will need to complete schoolwork in real time, i.e. follow their normal school timetable.  Students have been asked to contact their tutor if they will not be able to follow the timings of the school day, due to device access or other constraints.

Which platform(s) are we using?

We will continue to use our three established platforms, with slightly more emphasis on MS Teams -

  • EduLink One – This will be used to inform students of key lesson information and times.
  • MS Teams – Necessary resources will be uploaded to Teams before the lesson begins.  Work will be submitted and feedback provided through Teams.  Teams will also be used to communicate with teachers during lesson time, including the live streaming of whole lessons or lesson segments.
  • Email – This should be used for students to communicate with their teachers outside of their lesson time, but within the working day.

What form will learning take at home?

Staff will be using a mixture of independent work and live streaming of lessons.  If a lesson lends itself to independent work, teachers will provide students with clear instructions and all necessary resources (through Teams) in order for them to complete the work within the hour.  If the lesson is more interactive, staff will call students, through Teams, and live stream the lesson (or part of it).  All live lessons will be recorded for students to access at a later date.  Although we cannot completely mimic the classroom experience, this will allow the students to engage with the lesson whilst not physically being there. 

How will students know what work to expect that day?

If students are self-isolating, we are asking that they log on to EduLink at 8.30am (no earlier).  By this time teachers will have posted to let students know whether work is going to be set, or if they will be receiving a call.  Students can then check their Teams pages for further instructions and get themselves ready for period 1 to begin at 8.45am.  Please do bear in mind that teachers may need a bit of time to organise provision once the school has been informed of self-isolation cases.  If the students find that there isn’t work available for them on Teams when the lesson begins, they are to contact their teacher as per the instructions below.

What if the students need to contact their teacher?

If a student needs to contact their teachers about the work set, we are asking that they communicate with them through Teams, during the lesson time.  This can either be on the ‘Posts’ page or using the ‘Chat’ function.  We are encouraging students not to email teachers during lesson time, as teachers may not see this until the end of the day.  If a student needs to communicate with their teachers about other matters, they are, of course, welcome to email them outside of their lesson time.  Please bear in mind that staff may not be able to respond immediately, but will be in touch within 24 hours.

Feedback on work

As a school, we have recently updated our feedback policy.  The expectation is that students receive feedback once a fortnight, per subject.  This may be in the form of verbal feedback, peer-feedback or written feedback from the teacher.  This expectation remains the same whether students are at home or at school, so please do not expect all pieces of work to receive feedback.


Students will be having a virtual tutor session (w/b 28th September), outlining all of the information above.

Lucy Bush

Assistant Headteacher – Learning & Teaching


Guildford County School - Contingency plans in place for remote education

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