Private Study and Home Learning

We advise that students should be undertaking a minimum of 5 hours per week, per subject, outside of lesson time, if they are to attain the best grades they can in their chosen A levels. As with Lower School and GCSE study, some tasks will be set as home learning. However, this alone is not sufficient study to achieve at A level standard. For this reason students doing 3 A levels have an option block of private study. This equates to 9 hours a fortnight and forms part of their '5 hours per week, per subject' time.

All students are issued with guidance as to how they should spend their private study lessons. Ideally, to balance their workload, 3 hours of their private study timetabled lessons should be dedicated to each subject. The first 2 of these hours each fortnight should involve revision and recall activities such as creating flash cards and consolidating notes made in lessons. The third hour for each subject should be spent reading more widely for a particular aspect of the course. Departments issue students with support for this which can include reading lists, TED talks, academic articles and so on. In addition, the Sixth Form Study Centre has periodicals for several subject areas.

Private study attendance is reported on Interim Reports and can be seen on the Edulink One app. Students studying Music, Music Tech, Art, Photography, and any of the Technology subjects can also spend some of their independent study time in the relevant specialist areas of the school. 

A small number of students study 4 A levels and these students need to plan their independent study time very carefully. We encourage students to discuss their study routines with their Tutors during their 1 to 1 progress interviews.