BBC School Report

Tis the season to be reporting!

Another year of manic scrambling and typing to make the perfect story with students running from room to room finding the best interviews and uncovering all the facts for their stories. This year they range from teenager’s mental health to developments in technology, dancing boys and the doctor’s strike. In this annual event of fun-filled research and frantic research and writing of stories, there is only one simple task – file your report before the deadline. With the help of BBC journalists and experienced Sixth Formers, it’s all hands on deck for this tenth anniversary News Day.

With around 30,000 School Reporters at more than 1,000 schools around the UK taking part today, this is an increasingly popular event. In our own newsroom here, everyone is experiencing life as a journalist and loving every minute.

So grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy Guildford County’s creativity and professionalism at its finest

Incredibly, we are celebrating the tenth year of BBC School Report. Here at Guildford County we are also saying goodbye to some stalwarts of the project. Rob and Alistair started as School Reporters in Year 8 but are now retiring as they head off to university. They have helped out every year, providing invaluable technical expertise, as well as supporting the younger students with their writing and editing skills. We wish them well and will miss them greatly, not least for their good humour and ability to remain so admirably calm under the pressure of News Day – essential requirements for any good journalist.

This is also the final year for Hannah as she too is leaving school. She is an incredibly efficient editor and wonderfully calm and patient with the younger students.

Finally, our thanks go to Kate Riley, our BBC mentor. Every year she has helped us put the whole show together. From every student who has ever been involved in School Report at Guildford County, we say a huge THANK YOU!

Interview at BBC Surrey 

As part of BBC School Report Newsday, Elodie, Cameron and Shahaab were interviewed by BBC Surrey about the project. Shahaab and Mrs Gibbs went live on the Breakfast Show, talking about why School Report is so important to young people. 

Our body clock

During the course of the day our bodies react differently at different times, leaving us at risk of a range of dangers through the day. GCS Reporters investigate further into how our bodies are constantly changing.

-Laura and Tila

Dancing Boys

Dancing has stereotypically been seen as an activity for girls, with boys more likely to be interested in rugby or football, however are the times changing? 

-Tila and Laura

The Age of Technology

Recently a new piece of AI software called Alpha Go has trumped the world champion of the ancient game GO, GCS Reporters look into the emergence of Artifical Intelligence and its impact on humanity.

-Adam, Eddie and James

Interview with a Polish Student

Kacper is a new student at Guildford County School. He has moved from Poland so we wanted to introduce him to, and share his experiences of Poland


Internet Safety

With the recent surge of popularity in social media, children are feeling more and more safe when online, but have advances in technology just made it easier for cyber trolls?

-Jake, Alex and Will

How much sleep do teenagers need?

We are always told that we need to get our beauty sleep however many teenagers today are sleeping far less than the 8 hours recommended to us. GCS Reporters investigate why?

- Katie, Elodie, Marlena and Lucie

NHS Strikes

Today junior doctors march on the second day of their third strike this year due to a failure to reach an agreement with the government.

-Tom and Freddie