Learning in the Sixth Form

The Sixth Form is a fundamental part of Guildford County School: without it, the school would be a very different place. The Sixth Form helps to define the ethos of the school, encourages positive relationships, enables us to offer wider opportunities, provides intellectual stimulation, promotes higher aspirations for all, and enhances the reputation of the school immeasurably.

Our aim is to achieve an outstanding sixth form. Recent changes in leadership have seen a significant and rapid improvement in standards and achievement, whilst maintaining the Sixth Form's distinctive ethos. The Sixth Form is now based in an enviable, modern building, purpose-built as a centre of excellence for 240-250 post-16 students.

Curriculum provision is innovative and through collaborative working with other local schools and colleges, we are able to extend the breadth of subjects offered to over 30 courses in a financially viable way. We have responded to the Government agenda on inclusion by creating a one-year foundation course (level 2) to support students not reaching the 5A*-C threshold at GCSE level. All students will have the same opportunity to contribute to the life of the Sixth Form and the school, and will have access to the same quality care, support and guidance.

We provide opportunities, facilities and encouragement for all of our students to develop into independent learners. We will create a framework of personal supervision and guidance to help students grow into young adults and take on more and more responsibility for their learning, their success and their futures. We want our students to be happy in their Sixth Form experience and to be able to look back at their achievement and contribution with pride and pleasure.

If you require further information please contact Julie Phillips, Sixth Form Faculty Coordinator - jphillips@guildfordcounty.co.uk