Extra Curricular


The Wider Curriculum

Many of the activities which take place outside lessons are closely linked to the curriculum. The Music Department encourages students to take part in a busy programme of choral and instrumental activities, and to exercise their developing skills before audiences, either in public performances or during the House Music Competition. Individual lessons are available at the school on a wide variety of instruments and in singing, both for beginners, and for those with existing proficiency. A limited number of Music Awards is available to support the work of those students who show especial musical promise.

Some drama is taught within the programme of the English Department and also as a separate programme, and drama is encouraged as an extra-curricular activity. New students are particularly encouraged to participate in the House Drama Competition, which takes place during the Autumn Term. There are also regular opportunities each year for students to take part in larger staged productions.

The school offers a wide range of PE and sports activities. Outdoor games in winter are soccer and rugby for boys, netball and football for girls. In the summer, athletics, cricket, tennis and rounders are available. Each of our PE activities provides students with competitive opportunities at school, House or Year level, and a range of clubs and training sessions is available for those students who enjoy taking part.

From Year 9 onwards, students are able to prepare for the Bronze Award of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Each year, some 100 of our students receive Awards at Bronze or Silver level.

A range of other activities is offered throughout the year, including clubs, conferences, visits and exchanges abroad, cultural visits, fieldwork, challenges and competitions.

Our Christian Union meetings are run by our senior students and provides a lively programme of guest speakers and other events. All students are encouraged to take part in regular fund raising for local and national charities.

Extra-Curricular Programme for Music and PE 2019

Clubs Brochure 2018/19