Aims and Opportunities

Music College

Our Aims:

As one of a select group of specialist Music Colleges across the country, Guildford County School aspires to:

  • Be a centre of excellence in music, sharing our expertise with others as widely as possible
  • Raise standards of achievement across the curriculum by understanding how people learn
  • Develop creative, innovative and dynamic approaches to teaching
  • Sustain a culture which promotes performance, appreciation and participation in music
  • Devise opportunities for our students and members of the local community to continue learning
  • Prepare young people for opportunities in the arts, education and employment
  • Provide training for others which draws upon our own constantly developing practice
  • Create a nurturing environment for individual talent and self expression


Musical Ensembles

We have a wide range of ensembles at Guildford County School, which rehearse during the school week. The ensembles are run by members of the Music department and some of our Mountside Music teachers who take an active role in leadership and direction. Our range of choirs has developed a strong culture of singing at Guildford County and this is something we are very proud of. A list of our ensembles is below:

  • Boys Chamber Choir - Auditioned
  • Boys Full Choir
  • Lower Boys Choir
  • Upper Boys Choir
  • Girls Chamber Choir (Schola Cantorum) - Auditioned
  • Upper Girls Choir (Yr 9 -11)
  • Lower Girls Choir (Yr 7 - 8)
  • Senior Choir
  • Sixth Form Chamber Choir
  • Barbershop
  • Cello / Folk Ensemble
  • Gospel Choir
  • Chamber Ensembles
  • Training Orchestra
  • Concert / Big Band
  • Senior Brass Ensemble
  • ibrass
  • Junior / Senior Reed Ensemble
  • Single Reed
  • Keyboard Club
  • Bassoon Ensemble
  • Trombone Ensemble
  • Funk Band
  • String Quartet
  • Senior Brass
  • Interbrass
  • GCSE Theory/Aural Club

Our Instrumental and Voice Lessons provide more than 200 pupils with expert tuition in a variety of instruments, including the voice. All of our teachers are professional musicians with a vast range of musical experience.