Big Bang South East Junior Scientists of the Year

All groups were fantastic, undergoing interviews from pairs of judges at times lasting up to 20 minutes. But Team 1 were the standouts with their project into how western countries could use wasted food stuffs to create Vitamin and Mineral supplements for countries with high levels of malnutrition. To prove their concept, they created calcium tablets by sterilizing left over egg shells, drying them and mixing with some other substances to create a Calcium powder. They then used a pill press to produce tablets. They did a similar method to make vitamin C tablets from orange peel. Their project then discussed the benefits of this process and how it could be refined further.

The competition was fierce with schools from all over the South east competing. Though County pupils came out on top – with the Vitamin and mineral team winning a massive four awards. The team seemed to spend more time on the stage receiving their prizes then sitting down with the rest of the audience.

They won:

Prize for Commercial Innovation

STEM club of the Year

Women in Science and Engineering

And the overall prize for the competition for their age group:

Big Bang South East Junior Scientists of the Year