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Welcome from Senior Team

Head Boy - Lucas Joel

Hola Everyone!

I'm Lucas, and I'm looking forward to this year as I will be your Head Boy for 2016-17. This year I am taking Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Spanish and French (Yeah I know It's a lot :/). After County, I want to study Chemical Engineering at university as it's a mix of most of my favourite subjects. If anybody is looking for me after school, odds are I'll be partaking in some musical activity as I play trombone and piano, whilst I enjoy going climbing and doing gymnastics outside of school. Saying this, by all means come and talk to me if there is anything on your mind, be it anything I could help with or just if you need someone to talk to, I'll always be around.


Isabel Flynn - Head Girl

Hello! I'm Izzy and I'll be your Head Girl for the next year and through the 2016/2017 season - to say I am excited about this is an understatement! For A-Level I am taking English Literature, History, Philosophy and Ethics and Psychology so if you need me I'll probably be scribbling away about poems, Cardinal Wolsey or questioning the meaning of life. I'm also very involved in choirs within the school, with both music and drama playing very important roles in my life. Although I don't know what I want to do in the future (and, let's not lie, who does?) I'd love to take Philosophy on to university.

I'm always open to hear your views and ideas on how to improve the school so don't hesitate to come and find me; equally if you ever just want to talk about life or have any questions regarding the Vampire Diaries or American Geography I'm always here.
I cannot wait to be part of the Senior Team this year - I hope that we leave a good mark on this wonderful school and demonstrate just how amazing being part of county is!


David Pearson - Deputy Head Boy

Hi, I’m David and I’m proud to say I’ve been invited to be in the senior team this year as a deputy head boy. I study English literature, government and politics, psychology and history and I hope to move onto university after, though I’m not exactly sure what I’d like to study!

As far as hobbies go, music is a big part of my life and that transcends into my involvement with various ensembles around the school. I’m a keen cook too, though some would say I could do with a little improvement in that area….

If you ever want to find me around the school, don’t hesitate to follow the sound of someone belting out an off key rendition of a song you liked before you heard me sing it. After all we are all here to be the voice of your concerns. In all seriousness, I’m honoured to be representing the school, and I look forward to the next year!


Harry Wilkinson - Deputy Head Boy

Hi, I’m Harry Wilkinson. You may know me from my Gold Digger rendition in House Music, playing the Angry Bird in House Drama or not yet know me at all.

 I’m currently studying Economics, History, Government Politics and English Literature which I all thoroughly enjoy. At the same time balancing my life alongside school work including the very slow process in learning to drive.

I look to use my experiences in life to make school a more enjoyable place to be. For example, my trip to Kenya with the school in 2015 can hopefully help create some excitement and interest in reuniting the bond Guildford County has with our partner school in Uganda – Mukono. Furthermore, with the help of the senior team would like to introduce some new ideas and projects in the coming year that will benefit the experience of being at school


Naomi Harrington - Deputy Head Girl

Hi guys, I'm Naomi and I am delighted to be given this opportunity to be Deputy Head Girl for 2016-2017.

At AS-level I am studying Art, Geography, Maths and Biology (an interesting mix, but great fun), in the hope to study architecture at Uni.

County plays a massive part in my life and I am involved in many areas of the school. I play the oboe or sing in 6 different music ensembles and choirs, play for the school netball team and lead the school's Christian Union. I would really encourage you to take up every opportunity you have to join a choir, ensemble, learn a new instrument or try out any of the sports teams - this is what has made my County journey so special!

Outside of school I am a huge fan of sport and play for Guildford Netball Club and enjoy supporting Surrey Storm! I love to explore the outdoors in adventurous ways: by foot, by bike, by kayak or even coasteering.  I enjoy playing the piano and my oboe and am currently a netball coach/umpire!

Feel free to chat to me about any fantastic ideas, concerns you may have, questions you need answered or ways to be more involved in the life at County. You will most likely find me rehearsing in the music rooms, or making something creative in the Art block!! I am looking forward to chatting to you!


Hannah Coles - Deputy Head Girl

Hey guys! I'm Hannah and I'm really looking forward to being deputy head girl this year. I'm taking geography, history, maths and biology this year with the hope of doing a geography degree in a couple of years. I love pretty much every sport and am in a few musical ensembles as well. If you'd like to ask me anything (however small!) I'm more than happy to have a chat. If you want to find me I'm more than likely in the library so do come over and say hi!