Why do we need a Sports Hall

Young people benefit from being physically active and at Guildford County School we take sport very seriously. Our students participated in some 17 sports and in the past year have completed some 417 fixtures.

We recently build a MUGA pitch which has greatly enhanced our provision for our sporting pursuits. 

However our current indoor space;

  • prevents us from offering our students sports such as basketball, indoor netball, badminton and trampolining.
  • limits the School’s ability to participate in inter-school activities as reciprocal matches cannot be arranged.
  • Is less than one third below the recommended capacity and for ball games.  Currently 247 square metres with a ceiling height of 4.7m as opposed to 690 square metres and a height of 7.5m as recommended by Sports England.
  • Limits the school provide for  ‘B’ and ‘C’ teams as training space in not available. 
  • Is in poor state of repair with crumbling mortar and gaps in the walls and offers limited storage space for key sporting equipment such as rowing machines.

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Pic 2 Sports Hall