American Football

Students learnt about a sport that is unusual for their region. We ran a course on American Football for year 10’s and 11’s. This gave students an opportunity to explore and take part in an international sport which is not ran to an elite level within the country. Students learnt the game and competed against each other in a new sport whilst learning about American culture, the American dream and why sports like this have gained such massive popularity in America. The aim was to encourage students to engage in sports that are not necessarily standard to the region they are from. This activity ended with our students engaging in a Jet Tag tournament, an adaptation of the real game where the game is performed at a simplified level for novice performers.

Football v 1


Football 2

Football 3

Our students engaged in this activity with vigour. They enjoyed learning about how American high schools can be shaped by American Football and the following that it has  in America. They really stepped out of their comfort zone to compete in a competition in a sport that they had been learning about and, to their pleasure, won the tournament.