Discussing European Issues

Discussing European issues

Year 11 and Sixth form students met with students from our partner school, Maartens College, from the Netherlands to discuss a multitude of topics on education and European and national politics.

Students prepared research on several topics with a particular emphasis on the recent EU vote and implications in Europe. There was also a discussion on the role of media in both countries and their portrayal of Brexit and the rise of the ‘New Right’ in both countries. Student discussed these in small groups with the Dutch students.

Our aims:

  • For students to be more aware of the impact of national political decisions on a European scale and the effect of multi-level governance both pre- and post-Brexit.
  • For students to have developed their understanding of different systems of government used in Europe and whilst both countries are Liberal Democracies, students will be more aware of the eccentricities of the British Parliamentary system.
  • For our students to engage with pupils from a different country in order to give them a slightly wider global perspective and recognise the differences that cultures, although western, have.

U6 with Maartens College students 2018 discussion

What did the visiting students think?

"What was interesting about your visit?

This was the first time I saw students in another country. It was really strange because when we came in we saw immediately a lot of differences. They were wearing uniforms and they eat warm food in the canteen at school. The moment when we were sitting with a few students it felt really strange because we all have the same age and we didn’t really know what to talk about so sometimes it was a bit awkward. But after all it was really fun because now we know something about other schools in from foreign countries.

What do you think about Great Britain leaving the EU?

I think it is disappointing because they were always a part of the European Union and now they aren’t anymore. I think we can learn a lot from other countries, also from Great Britain. So now they are leaving the European Union is a pity.

What was it like meeting our students?

It was really funny because they live a totally different life. I thought it was really amusing to talk with students from my own age because then you see how they think about school and how they live in school. Their way of teaching is really different than the way of teaching in Holland. It was nice to talk with those students in Guildford.”