International Activities

Internationalism and a global perspective are important in a world of growing connectivity. As a school, we think it is paramount to highlight the position that our pupils hold in the world and the impact that they can have globally.

  • We strive to celebrate the diversity of our students in their cultural backgrounds and languages.
  • We have had a strong link with a school in Uganda, helping to fundraise for the school to provide better boarding facilities for students studying at Mukono High School. Following this success, we have recently started up a new link in Uganda, which we hope to support in a similar way.
  • We enjoy an exchange programme with a French school which allows us reciprocal visits to France. We have also benefitted from a visit from a school in the Netherlands and are creating a link with a school in China for a visit at the end of this academic year.
  • Our students take an active interest in global issues and continue to represent our school at the Model United Nations regional competition every year, with great success.
  • We have an established programme of visiting foreign students every summer term, to encourage cross-cultural exchange, broaden our students horizons and enhance their experiences of other cultures.

We want to recognise the fantastic work our school does in creating a deep-seated international ethos through the accreditation of the International Schools Award.

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