How you can help

Play your part: you can help us to realise wonderful, life-long benefits for our students by:

·        Making a donation online now via BTMyDonate – just search for ‘Guildford County School’ in the Charity box (NB - not the Fundraiser's box, that's for your own fundraising events to support our Sports Hall Appeal) or visit

·         Thinking about sponsorship opportunities – how does your business/company support local charities? Perhaps they choose a local charity to support each year – can County’s sports hall be the annual charity for 2018? Is your company looking for effective local sponsorship or advertising opportunities, while supporting a meaningful cause for their employees and community?

·         Introducing us to people who might be able to help, including businesses, professional sports clubs and personalities. If you're going to meet a 'Sporting Hero', please tweet your photo of them holding our 'Sporting Hero' signage (you can download that here), including @GuildfordCounty in your message - thank you!

·         Following us Twitter @GuildfordCounty and our GCS Friends on Facebook, and sharing our story widely with your friends and contacts

·         Supporting our fundraising events by coming along, helping us to sell tickets or by volunteering or joining our GCS Friends event committee

·         Fundraising for our Sports Hall – through whatever Challenge/Event/Cake sale you see fit - Tough Mudder, half-marathon, bike challenge, dance-a-thon… you can easily create your own fundraising event on our BTMyDonate page! 

·         Volunteering some time or expertise to help us promote our Sports Hall campaign – this huge challenge requires a team effort – let’s demonstrate County’s spirit!

-        Signing up at at no cost to you, choosing 'Guildford County School' as your cause - all funds raised by your purchases go to our Sports Hall Appeal.

We’d love to hear from you - please get in touch today (; 01483504089 - except Fridays) and let us know how you might help. Ideas to improve our campaign are always welcome too - thank you.

Thank you for supporting us to inspire all of our students to be the best they can be!