Scheme of Delegation

Scheme of Delegation

The Governors have responsibility for setting and monitoring the overall strategic direction of the charitable company and for approving all decisions reserved to Governors.

The full governing body meets at least once a term. The full governing body has agreed that certain of their duties (without compromising their legal duty) may be delegated to committees. The terms of reference for these committees are reviewed and approved annually by the full governing body. The main committees are Strategy & Planning, Learning & Achievement, Finance & Premises, Community & Personnel, Admissions, Discipline, Pay, and Head Teacher Performance Management.

The Head Teacher is the Accounting Officer and works closely with both the other Governors and the senior staff of Guildford County School.

Decisions made by the board, whether acting as a full board or through a committee, are taken in full consideration of recommendations, investigations and experience of the Governors, the Head Teacher and key staff. Where it is relevant, independent professional advice is also sought.

Appropriate members of the Senior Management Team attend Governing Body meetings.

An overview of the terms of reference for the above committees and their membership is as follows:

Strategy and Planning: This comprises the chairs of the main committees and looks at the future business of the governing body and of each committee. Term of reference link.

Learning and Achievement: This committee is responsible for the strategic delivery of all aspects the curriculum, across all key stages, and the monitoring and evaluation of student progress. Terms of reference link.

Finance and Premises: The committee is responsible for strategic planning and auditing of the school's finances and the development and monitoring of the school estate.  Term of reference link.

Community and Personnel: This committee looks strategically at relations with all stakeholders, supports and plans communication projects and has a strategic responsibility for all staff who work at the school and their welfare.  Terms of reference link.

Admissions: Set up to review the admission criteria and support the school's appeals process.

Discipline: This committee hears appeals from parents when issues reach governor intervention stage of the school's complaints procedure.

Head teacher performance management: to set targets and monitor performance of the Head Teacher.

Pay: this committee monitors performance-related pay.


Further detail on the delegated powers of each committee is recorded in the Terms of Reference.