Committee Membership

Committee Membership

The Full Governing Body meets once a term.  The Full Governing Body has agreed that certain duties may be delegated to committees.  The terms of reference for these committees are reviewed and approved annually by the Full Governing Body.  The main Committees are Strategy & Planning, Learning & Achievement, Finance & Premises, Community & Personnel, Admissions, Discipline, Pay and Headteacher Performance Management.


Committee Membership is as follows:


Strategy & Planning Committee

Janette Owen (Chair of Governors)

Jack Mayhew (Headteacher)

Pauline Johnson (Chair of Community & Personnel)

Tim Wolfenden (Chair of Finance & Premises)

Jenevora Williams (Chair of Learning & Achievement)

Sarah Wynde (Vice Chair)


Learning & Achievement Committee

Jenevora Williams (Chair)

Rotimi Akinsete

Jon Coles (Associate Member of the Governing Body)

James Felgate

Jack Mayhew (Headteacher)

Jennifer Obaditch

Sarah Wynde


Community & Personnel Committee

Pauline Johnson (Chair)

Stephanie Code (Vice Chair)

Fiona Davidson

Jack Mayhew (Headteacher)

Carol Smith

Indrajit Sugunasingha


Finance & Premises Committee

Tim Wolfenden (Chair)

Neil Benjamin (Associate Member of the Governing Body)

Adam Day

Kirsty Jennings

Jack Mayhew (Headteacher)

Indrajit Sugunasingha (Internal Auditor)

Tom Turcan


Admissions Committee

Indrajit Sugunasingha (Chair)

Stephanie Code

Pauline Johnson

Jack Mayhew (Headteacher)



Pauline Johnson (Chair)

Stephanie Code

Jebbie Williams


Pay Committee

Janette Owen (Chair)

Jack Mayhew (Headteacher)

Tim Wolfenden

Sarah Wynde


Headteacher Performance Management Committee

Janette Owen (Chair)

Stephanie Code

Pauline Johnson

Sarah Wynde


Governors with specific responsibility are as follows:

Careers - Sarah Wynde

Safeguarding – Fiona Davidson 

Pupil Premium – Rotimi Akinsete

Children in Care – Jebbie Williams

Gifted & Talented – Jebbie Williams

ICT & Computing – Tim Wolfenden

Music – Pauline Johnson

Policies – Julia Mason (Clerk)

SEN – Jebbie Williams

Sixth Form – Jennifer Obaditch

Internal Auditor – Indrajit Sugunasingha

Link Governor (Training) – Tom Turcan

Parental Database – Sarah Wynde