Digital Technology

In the Guildford County PE department digital technology is used for 3 main reasons -

• The monitoring and assessment of student performance

• Improving students' literacy

• Develop student’s ability to evaluate and improve performance

Technology in sport is now widely used and continues to be an ever growing market, from Hawkeye in cricket to the video referee in rugby. The GCS PE department aim to use this digital technology inside and outside the classroom to not only benefit learning, but to provide students with a different skill set which they could potentially use in elite sports performance or other careers in sport. We have found that the iPad can provide students with an alternative stimulus for learning which we have found to improve pupil engagement, enjoyment, and has catered for an increase in student progress.

Below is a list of essential and suggested apps which students can use in and outside of the classroom that will benefit their learning and enrich their Physical Education experience.

Essential Apps

- Explain everything

- Coaches’ eye

- Socrative


Suggested apps

- HeartDecide

- KneeDecide

- MB Anatomy

- Living Lung

- VisAnatomy

- Ess. Skeleton 4

- Exercise Physiology

- Explain Everything

- Football Coach

- Cricket Coach

- Tennis Coach HD