Young Ambassadors 2014

Our 2014 Young Ambassadors Maisie and Rebecca have recently come back from Uganda where they experienced what children with disabilities might come up against when trying to get an education.

They have already had some local coverage

Latest news: Rebecca and Maisie’s trip has featured in The Guardian (18 March 2014) and in First News (21-27 March 2014).

Watch the film: A film to document Rebecca and Maisie’s trip. Watch it now.

Meeting Nick Clegg 28th May 2014

We went to London on Wednesday 28th May during half term to a speech given by Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrat party and Deputy Prime Minister.  We entered the village hall to find an audience full of other charities and young campaigners, and plenty of journalists.

We were taken into a room where Mr Clegg was meeting people before the speech, and shook his hand.  We told him a bit about our roles as ambassadors and our experiences in Uganda, and he showed great enthusiasm.  He said he'd never been to Uganda, but knew about how tough life can be there for children with visual impairments who can't go to school.

Unfortunately he only had a few minutes to spare, so we had to be brief, but we managed to get a few photos with him!!

The speech was very inspiring, and Mr Clegg spoke about some important issues on why we need to support developing countries, and how children in UK should be educated on FGM to protect girls from being cut.  This is so if a girl finds out she's going on a trip somewhere unknown to her, and she's scared, she can speak to someone about it before the traumatizing and terrifying operation takes place.  He showed how much he cares about giving aid to countries in need of support such as Nigeria, and mentioned several times Lynn Featherstone and her tireless work towards getting children with disabilities into school.  Nick spoke of the importance of universal education, and talked about the 0.7% government money allocated to aid, and how we need to make this figure sustain and increase.

The speech was obviously given at a very crucial time within the Liberal Democrat party: within the days preceding Nick Clegg’s speech, it had been discovered that Lord Oakeshott, a senior member of the Liberal Democrat party had used party money to take a poll against Nick Clegg.  During the questioning time, the journalists bombarded Nick with unfair and irrelevant questions, twisting the subject matter over to the elections.  Considering this, Nick responded courageously and answered the questions well and displayed courtesy and honesty towards the journalists.

We would like to thank Sightsavers and Send My Friend for this wonderful experience, and Nick Clegg for delivering so engagingly his speech during such a hard time for him.

Send All My Friends Presentation

What a fantastic year - listen to their thank you message here