Gifted and Talented

How do we identify the Gifted and Talented?

We endeavour to recognise the talents of all our students, including those with special educational needs, using a combination of the following strategies:

  • Teacher recommendation
  • Standardised tests (e.g. SATs, NFER test)
  • Assessment of classwork
  • Information from previous schools
  • The use of generic and subject-specific checklists
  • Ongoing observations and assessment
  • External agencies e.g. sports clubs, music organisations, drama groups
  • Parent observations

What do we offer the Gifted and Talented?

These two quotes from the Ofsted inspection in October 2006 give a flavour of the provision available:

“The curriculum is good throughout the school with outstanding opportunities for enhancement and enrichment, particularly in music. The extensive range of extra-curricular activities and clubs suit a wide range of interests. The opportunities provided for boys to sing are exceptional.”

“Gifted and talented students have good opportunities outside and within school to further their special interests and talents in subjects and via mock United Nations and magistrate's court.”

We use a range of teaching and organisational strategies to provide the best learning opportunities for all our students, including the gifted and talented. Extension within the curriculum is obviously a large part of the provision but we have detailed below some of the additional extension and enrichment activities.

Extension and enrichment activities and competitions for Gifted and Talented students

There are numerous sporting and musical activities for students at GCS with talents and interests in these areas.

Our new Challenge newsletter aims to inspire with ideas for careers, thought-provoking opportunities and recommended reading. Beyond school, you may wish to participate in the extensive Arts programme available from the University of Surrey here, for example - a fantastic resource for 'stretching' keen minds, right on our doorstep. 

There are various other activities and competitions, some of which are included below. The list grows every year as additional competitions and opportunities present themselves and we are always keen to participate! For further details please contact Mrs Nurton, Assistant Headteacher.



Year groups involved

Summary of event

When it takes place

Mock Magistrates’ Court Competition (National Competition)


Years 8 and 9

Students take on the roles of those within a Magistrates court. E.g. lawyers, witnesses and court staff to ‘try’ a case.

November to March

Mock bar Court Competition (National Competition)

Year 11 and Sixth Form

Students take on the roles of those in a crown court to ‘try’ a case.

September to November

Construction, Design and Engineering


Year 8

One day competition for a team of 8 students held at a Surrey school


Model United Nations


Years 10, 11 and Sixth form

Teams of three take on the role of a country in the UN to formulate draft resolutions and debate them in a UN style chamber.


Drama workshop

Years 10 and 11

Talented Drama students are invited to participate in a weekend theatrical event


The Great Debate

Key Stage 4

Surrey debating competition

Autumn term

Exceptionally Able Mathematics Conference

Year 7

A day event for able mathematicians

Summer term

Master Chef competition

Years 7, 8, 9 and 10

Students create a three course dinner in ‘Master chef’ style!

Summer term

Guildford Think Tank


Year 9

An inter-schools competition for teams of year 9 students.

Summer term

Master classes e.g. Egyptian and Art

Years 7, 8 and 9

Half day event for interested students held in school

Held at different times throughout the year.


Website links:

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National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE)

London Gifted and Talented – How to challenge able children

Potential Plus UK – charity supporting children with high learning potential of all ages

The Sutton Trust – Improving social mobility through education

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