Athena Schools Trust (AST)

Consultation to become an Academy within a Multi-Academy Trust

The Governors are proposing that Guildford County School joins with 4 other local schools to form a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) called the Athena Schools Trust (AST).

Guildford County School is currently a standalone Academy, within its own Single-Academy Trust. This proposal would result in us converting to Multi-Academy Trust status and being joined by four other local schools.

The documents below explain more about what converting to an Academy will mean and more about the Athena Schools Trust.  These documents include:

Aims and Vision

Athena Schools Trust Governance Leaflet

Consultation regarding becoming a Multi-Academy Trust has now closed.  Governors would like to thank those who took part, whether it was by attending the consultation meeting or completing the comment form.  All these responses have been collated in the document below:

Athena Consultation Notes 

The Governors are meeting in July to make a final decision and consider your views on whether it is in the school's best interest to form a Multi-Academy Trust.

If you have an queries, please email with ‘Academy/MAT Consultation’ in the subject line.