Expansion News

Expansion News

Guildford County School strives to offer the best education possible for our local community.  As the most oversubscribed secondary school in Surrey – 719 applications for 160 places in 2015, according to Surrey County Council – we are very aware of the popularity and demand for what we offer.  We face a further challenge on school places from the increased birth rate which has seen expansion at many of our local primary schools.

The governors have therefore decided to consult on expanding the published admissions number (PAN), which is the number of students we can admit, from 160 to 180 from September 2017.  In order to accommodate the extra intake, and improve facilities and provision for our existing students, we have received funding to complete the next phase of our school masterplan.

Broadly, this involves moving the staffroom into the loft space to create new classrooms, and infilling the back of the school, opposite the new art block, to create more teaching space and facilities.  We are also making improvements to our field so that it can be used all of the year round – complementing our sports facilities at Wodeland Avenue and Urnfield.

Building work has commenced and as planned, the work will continue throughout the coming academic year. We are carefully coordinating the ongoing work to minimise disruption to the school; while there are various areas of scaffolding on the site, there are protected routes to allow safe access for staff and students into all the teaching areas of the school. All areas of construction activity are segregated from areas that are accessible to students.

We look forward to this project being completed in September 2017, and the benefits to staff and students that will result from the improved facilities.

The work on the loft space has now been transformed from this ....

New staffroom

to this....

Staff Room final

View from the new dormer windows

View from new staffroom